Monday, October 20, 2014

7 Bridges Marathon - the DNF.

There's not much to say...I felt great until 21 miles. There was a little bit of IT band and my bad-ankle pain, but nothing I couldn't handle to shuffle along with my 5:30 pace group. Starting around 21, I cramped. Bad. My leg muscles locked up. I tried to stop and stretch, but I ended up sending my friend/fellow pacer Dulce to finish the last few miles without me. I figured I'd walk a while and see what would happen.

I got to the water stop at Mile 23 and drank a little Powerade. I'd had water at each stop (which was about every mile) and 6 packets of Gu. I paced around for a minute trying to figure out what to do. Do I just suffer on and waddle to the finish? No, that seemed dumb. I've done marathons before and I had nothing to prove to myself or anyone else. Why walk 3 more miles? Another hour?

Sure enough, while I was stalling in thought, the 6:00 pacer rolled up with a race participant and she tried to encourage me. She said I could stick with them until the end. They were doing a 1:00 run/1:00 walk interval. So, I tried. As soon as I started to run again, though, I could feel that tightness and I just stopped. At that point, I knew I was done. I was in PAIN. I had never had leg cramps before yesterday. I couldn't figure out what I had done wrong. One of the volunteers noticed me and led me over to the EMTs who were helping out with first aid. They gave me an IV of electrolytes and fluids, and that seemed to help pretty quickly. (Now, if only they made a coffee IV drip....)

I only cared about my people - my pace team - being able to finish and feel awesome, and they looked strong! Ended up right around 5:30, and their goal was for under 6 hours, so - mission accomplished by a long shot. We stuck to closer to a 12:00/mile pace for most of the run so that they could take it easier when it got hotter later in the day. I couldn't have done it without my fellow pacer. She is awesome and super tough. We had a good time other than that whole dropping out thing :)

I was treating this as a training run, but like I said, I did everything right. I took my gels at 45 minute intervals. I made everyone drink water at the very least at each water stop - myself included. THere was something that happened (or DIDN'T happen, rather) that I couldn't control, however: I didn't sweat, at all. I got warm, but I didn't sweat. Even my hair was dry, and I had a hat on. I normally don't sweat a lot as it is, but none? For 20+ miles? All I can think of is the lovely luteal phase (loss of water/electrolytes, screwed up temperature regulation, etc.). It was 50 at the start, got up to above 70, so it wasn't hot, but for runners' standards, it was. But, I trained in much hotter temps and at 100% humidity over the past few months, so in that regard I certainly should've been acclimated.

Sometimes you have it, and sometimes you don't. Sometimes you can seemingly do everything right, and things still don't go as planned. I can't afford (physically, financially, educationally, occupationally, emotionally) to be crippled, so I did the smart thing and called it a day. And I'm so glad I did, because I got to see one of my childhood BFFs finish her first marathon (after I was driven back to the start/finish)!

It's encouraging to me that I have zero muscle fatigue today. A little IT band soreness, but other than that, I'm totally fine. I love the run-walk method!

A week in workouts 10/13-19/2014 - TAPER WEEK

Nothing too exciting this week as it was the week of the marathon. I took taper to the extreme compared to my other weeks! I had a lot of school prep this week anyway, since I was going to be out of town over the weekend, so it was a good chance to rest up for the race.

Monday: active recovery day

Tuesday: Group Power (teach)

Wednesday: rest/walking

Thursday: rest/walking

Friday: rest/walking

Saturday: rest

Sunday: 7 Bridges Marathon - 23 miles. See next post for an explanation....

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A week in workouts 10/06-12/2014

Monday: rest day

Tuesday: Group Power (teach)

Wednesday: active recovery day

Thursday: Group Power (teach), Rogue run 5.5 miles!

Friday: Group Ride, mow grass and rake leaves!

Saturday: Group Power (teach), Group Centergy (teach), and clean clean clean!

Sunday: Group Centergy (teach), review new programs for both classes (2 hours)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

A week in workouts 09/29-10/5/2014 and my long run for the week

Monday: Group Ride (omg Jacob is a nut as an instructor and that crap is way harder than speed drills!!)

Tuesday: Group Power (teach)

Wednesday: Group Centergy (teach)

Thursday: Group Power (teach), 5.8 mile Rogue run!

Friday: active recovery

Saturday: 20 mile run!

Sunday: Group Centergy (teach) ...felt really good on the hips, after yesterday!


So I finally hit my 20 miler. That was probably the best run I've had since August. I feel like I am ready to pace the marathon in two weeks. Before, my confidence was waning, but now I know I can do it (and do it in the right amount of time!). Next week I am going for a medium-long run, no more than 15. Can't say I really feel the need to taper, because I don't run a lot during the week anyway.


But I'll still be cutting back from 20 at least a little.


Do hashtags work here?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A week in workouts 09/22-28/2014

Monday: active recovery day

Tuesday: Group Power (teach) and run 3 miles

Wednesday: Group Centergy

Thursday: Group Power (teach)

Friday: active recovery day

Saturday: Group Power, R30

Sunday: rest. Ankle needed it. And so did my Contracts book.

Tuesday Thoughts

I was out running early this morning after teaching my 5:30am class at Gold's. As my friend and I ran by my old "gym" that's about half a mile from my house, I thought about something that speaks volumes: there were more people at my 5:30am class than will go to that "gym" all day.

Not saying that to be spiteful. It really got me thinking. I honestly wonder how a place keeps its doors open with such a small clientele. (Other than the obvious: an outrageous fee structure. But even 20 members at $140 a pop doesn't add up to much.) I understand that the start-up franchise can be slow to grow, but it's been over two years now that they've been in operation, and for every one warm body that's walked in the door, two have left. Gone elsewhere, lost interest, didn't like the staff, got injured, got too broke to keep going, moved away...whatever the case may be, it's a revolving door. That's fine for a business owner if he's doing that as a side-job, or as a hobby job for someone with too much time and/or money on his hands, but if you're trying to make a living off training 20+/- folks each week plus the operations costs of paying rent, utilities, equipment ...yikes.

I imagine that some people will read this and roll their eyes. But, as far as locally-owned gyms with national brand names go, Gold's Douglasville certainly has more participants who attend each day. The spread is huge. Folks who have been going for 20 years and counting, and bringing their friends so they can share the fun! Bottom line: the participants come out of there fit and happy. (And sweaty.) And they spend less each month than a small tank of gas in doing so! Haters can hate, but numbers don't lie. And I don't just mean attendance numbers. By numbers, I mean: inches lost, friends gained, national rankings, professional polling responses, pounds of muscle added, certifications acquired, staff training hours, availability of necessary equipment....

I hate to see local businesses fail. And what I hate more is the absence of options. Shop around, don't let the brainwash get to you, and find your niche in the workout world. That might mean you do your own thing. Whatever it is, make sure it makes you feel fulfilled.

Monday, September 15, 2014

A week in workouts 09/15-21/2014

Monday: Group Ride

Tuesday: active recovery day

Wednesday: 3 mile run with Denise and Cortney

Thursday: Group Power (teach)

Friday: active recovery day

Saturday: 20 miles with the interval gals! (I got a late start with our group because of some gastrointestinal - TMI - issues that kept me in a sketch bathroom for 20 minutes :( seems that it's been happening only on Saturday mornings...I think it's nerves about having to see my stalker :( But, I caught up to two awesome women and we stuck together for the rest of the 18! 2 on my own after. Perfect weather for it.)

Sunday: Group Centergy (teach).