Friday, August 1, 2014

A week in workouts 7/28-8/3/2014

Monday: 5 mile run and Group Power (ouch! Don't run before Power!)

Tuesday: Group Power (teach x2), Group Centergy (teach 1 hr. and rehearse 45 min.), run 2 miles with Alesa.

Wednesday: REST DAY

Thursday: Group Power (teach), Group Core, R30.

Friday: Walking the dog. Active recovery. I'm still a little ouch-y from this really really really tough workout week!

Saturday: Atlanta Track Club marathon training - 11 miles

Sunday: Group Power (teach), Group Centergy (teach).

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Group Power July 2014 New Release!!

So...holy hell...this quarter's Group Power programming is insane difficult! I love the new challenge but woah...3 times in two days. On top of that, my fellow instructor Robin and I practiced then taught the entire new Group Centergy programming for a total of 2.5 hours yesterday as well. I am hurting this morning. So, needless to say, today will be a rest day. I'm treating myself to a haircut after work :)

Any haters out there who want to hate on group fitness classes: before you do so, please attend Group Power, Group Centergy, Group Ride, etc. Any one of these Mossa programs will kick your tail! Not to mention, I am getting super strong and can see real muscle definition in my body. This comes from consistency with varied but similar weight training routines 3 times per week. When I did CrossFit, I usually got a good cardio workout, but anytime we'd do weight work in the WOD, it was like...once in a while we'd hit shoulders with 5 rounds of 10 strict presses between 100 yard sprints or something, or like one time we did bicep curls prior to the WOD. Maybe some dead lifts as part of the WOD once in a while. Mostly it was far-too-heavy-to-build-endurance back squats (at a slow pace or, worse, one at a time...I'm not an Olympic lifter so this is useless in real life) or really fast body weight squats (which, comparatively, were better, but I mean we could've used at least some weight to build up more muscular endurance and get some toning out of it too). Point is, it was always random, as far as the weight workouts go, and I never got the chance to see improvement in myself, nor did I work with each muscle group enough in a month's time (let alone a week's time) to gain any real strength.

CrossFitters always talk about how important the concept of "constantly varied" is, but if you look at traditional training programs, such as National Academy of Sports Medicine NASM) or ACE, the two majors in the physical training world, they will emphasize periodization.

What is periodization? Here's an example:

In Group Power, each quarter we release new programming, and each new programming set gives a slight variation to how we move to train each muscle group. We will always warm up, then work the legs, chest, back and back of legs, triceps, biceps, legs (again!), shoulders/upper back, and core before cooling down. But, sometimes we use tricep pushups while other times we use tricep presses in combination with tricep dips. It is always slightly varied, but we're working the same muscle groups with approximately the same intensity. Or legs - there are so many ways to train the legs. Squats - wide or narrow stance, bar on back or holding a plate in front for a slightly different angle of resistance, lunges - dynamic without weight or static with bar on back, calf raises - holding a heavy bar, using body weight, one leg at a time, and of course all the "dead" movements: dead lift, dead squat, dead row. And don't even get me started on all the many ways to train the core! Our motto is, "Always the same, but always different." So, we work with the same set of programming for 3-4 weeks, allowing participants to see improvement and increase their resistance where appropriate. Then, we switch it up and work with another set of programming for a few weeks. As soon as your body really gets used to training a certain way, it's time for something new. Periodization.

I like science. And while there are many ways to get to the same end result, when I SEE results, I stick with that route.

What works for you?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A week in workouts 7/21-27/2014

Monday: Group Centergy (teach), run 6.22 miles with Lisha.

Tuesday: AM - Group Power (teach). PM - Group Power (teach), Group Centergy (teach), run 4.6 miles with Lisha. Holy crap. But I did it.

Wednesday: Group Centergy (teach).

Thursday: Group Power (teach), run 2 miles, hiking 1 hour

Friday: Hiking 5 miles

Saturday: rafting 6.2 miles on the Ocoee

Sunday: hiking 30 minutes

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Marathon training - week 2

If you read this blog regularly, you'll know that I haven't run distance in quite a while. The longest I've run in two months, before today, was 10K distance.

As a marathon training program coach, I need to always be on top of my game. I was a little nervous today as it was my first time running over the 10K distance and I was supposed to be leading others! I was very blessed today because I was able to crank out 9 miles at an average 10 minute mile pace, which was good enough for me to hang with a cool group of ladies without too much huffing and puffing. The rain soaked us, but it really felt amazing. I always dread rainy runs but I always end up having a great time!

It was also nice to see friends. Everyone has been really supportive and encouraging - even coaches need that from time to time! We're just runners, just like any other runner.

I'll be teaching a lot of extra classes early this next week, but I also have runs planned for Monday and Tuesday, and lots of hiking planned for later in the week! I find it helpful to plan everything ahead of time so I don't talk myself out of it :)

Now off to get some school assignments done and learn the July releases of Group Centergy and Group Power!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Brands with the Miranda stamp of approval

Things I'm digging lately:
  • Suave Professionals Natural Infusions shampoo and conditioner. They sent me a sample in the mail and a coupon, so of course I bought it. It's for anti-breakage and I love it.  My split ends are disappearing before my eyes!
  • Reebok running shoes. I was fortunate to get to try these lightweight and cushioned babies for free and I absolutely love them. I found out how much they run for (no pun intended!) and it's about $140.00 which is totally out of my budget. Maybe I can make these last through marathon season!
  • Groupon. I bought 7 days of parking at the airport for $45 (that's covered parking with round-the-clock shuttle service, even to the international terminal); a rafting trip for me, my best friend, and my sister; and all sorts of awesome things over the years - vouchers for activities that I'd usually never try, but you know, hey, there's a Groupon, let's do this thing. I was an early adopter of the Groupon phenom and in fact also got my boss addicted to it last summer. (I created a monster.)
Any recent product discoveries you would like to share with the class?

A week in workouts 7/14-20/2014

Monday: Group Ride and Group Power.

Tuesday: Group Core and R30.

Wednesday: 1 mile warm-up run then Group Power (teach) 

Thursday: AM - Group Power (teach). PM - 10 minutes of Core work, R30 (couldn't push too hard, it just wasn't coming), then DCRR run at Clinton for 5.33 miles.

Friday: rest day

Saturday: marathon training group - 9 miles, easy pace.

Sunday: Group Power (teach) and Group Centergy (teach).

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Troop Trot 10K 2014 - recap and photos

Last Saturday I ran the shorter version of a race I ran last year, the Troop Trot 39K, which is now an annual event put on locally at Clinton Nature Preserve by Boy Scout Troop 39. I think scouting is a wonderful program and will do just about anything to support it, as a former Girl Scout. (This is how I justify eating all the Girl Scout cookies.)

Starting the race

This race is a pretty tough 10K. Technical trail in the heat with some hills thrown in, but it's just the challenge I needed to kick off marathon training season.

Coming up the first hill

It wasn't my fastest 10K, but it wasn't my slowest, either. Just grateful for the time in nature and for the miles! And I only fell down once.

I enjoyed working the aid station for the 39K-ers after I finished running. There's something really fulfilling about filling up water bottles and hydration packs for a weary runner. Plus, it's awesome to know you're done running for the day while others are still out there suffering :) but really...It was a tough day for any run, much less 24+ miles! Kudos to all who toed the line, including Miss EB from the Running on E blog ( shown here:

With race director Josh photo bombing in the background...

Scouts and volunteers schlepping aid station goodies around

All the sweat