Thursday, April 9, 2015

A week in workouts 04/06-12/2015

Monday: rest day

Tuesday: 15 min./3 mile on video game bike, Group Power (teach), 3 mile-ish run at Clinton

Wednesday: Group Ride, Group Centergy (teach)

Thursday: Group Power (teach)

Friday: 3 mi./15 min. bike, Group Power (teach)

Saturday: hiking in the woods

Sunday: Group Centergy (teach)

Saturday, April 4, 2015

A week in workouts 03/30-4/5/2014

Monday: Group Ride

Tuesday: Group Power (teach)

Wednesday: Group Ride

Thursday: Group Power (teach), 2.25 mile run between classes

Friday: Group Power (teach)

Saturday: rest day

Sunday: 5K with my dad :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A week in workouts 03/23-29/2015

Monday: rest day!

Tuesday: Group Power (teach), the last Women's 5K training run :( I actually had to walk most of it since I'm feeling the weekend! Yikes!

Wednesday: Group Ride

Thursday: Group Power (teach x2)

Friday: Group Power (teach)

Saturday: Group Core, R30

Sunday: Hiking at Bear Creek Trail in Ellijay!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Publix Georgia Half Marathon 2015

13.1 at 11:21 pace after 24 miles of hard running the day before. I'll take it!

I'm just now getting around to writing this one up, because law school....

I hadn't run a half marathon since Thankgiving, so even on rested legs I would've been nervous. But, just after running the Palmetto 200 with 7 other ladies, I knew I'd have to take it really easy to finish healthy, and that I did.

I originally signed up and then decided to give my bib away. The night before, I found out about an extra bib and so I gave that one away and kept my own :) YOLO.

I figured, worse case scenario I could walk most of it. That idea left my mind, however, when I realized it was going to rain all morning. Get done, keep it moving was my motto. I caught up with college friend Sarah and we kept each other company for a while.

In sync :)

The Lululemon running skirt kept my undercarriage dry while it rained, and I wore a lightweight shirt, so all things considered, I stayed pretty dry! I had clothes at the ATC tent waiting for me, so I wasn't totally soggy on the way home. I'm sure the other MARTA riders appreciated that!

Despite the rain, the race route was scenic and the volunteers were outstanding. It takes a special person to give out water to crazy runners in the rain!

Palmetto 200 Relay 2015

The Palmetto 200 Relay is typically a 12-person team of runners switching off running for 200+ miles over a day and a half. The race goes from Columbia, SC to Charleston, SC. I wanted to put together a team because this race happened to be on my spring break. Our team, Chicks With Kicks, had 8 pretty awesome women take on the challenge! We finished in 32 hours and 47 minutes, with an average pace of 9:32 overall!

Sheelagh, Jennifer, Danielle, Marilou, Julie, Delicia, Lisha, and me at the finish line!

My relay legs:

Leg 7: 5.63 miles at 9:17 pace
Leg 17: 2.45 miles at 9:05 pace
Leg 19: 3.75 miles at 9:08 pace
Leg 26: 3.75 miles at 9:29 pace
Leg 36: 7.96 miles at 10:24 pace (final leg of the race!)

Total miles: 23.54

The night before we started running!

I felt pretty good after all this! After legs 7 and 19 I had a protein shake, and I think it helped my recovery a lot. I would've taken another one a few hours before leg 36, but my stomach wasn't feeling too awesome, so I opted out.

Leg 36 ran over the Charleston bridge and I felt like I was climbing forever!

The downhill afterwards was fun, though :)

It was super windy on the bridge. I lost my hat a few times!

Half the team, road trippin'!

Hilarious all-male team name. They were nice dudes.

I see this sweet friend at every relay! Margaret was running the "out" of leg 35 and I was running "back" on leg 36 and we crossed paths :) Very cool coincidence!

This relay, although tough on the body, was the best one I've done. The course was very safe and patrolled, and everything was well organized. 

Even better, I finally feel like a runner again. I haven't felt like it "fits" me in a long time, but now I do once again, and I couldn't be happier. My confidence is returning. (This might have to do with the fact that I successfully completed a half marathon the next day and didn't die. See the next post....)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A week in workouts 03/16-22/2015

Monday: 6 mile run, 1 mile walk with the pups :)

Tuesday: Group Power (teach), ATC Women's 5K training group 3x400, 3x300, 3x200

Wednesday: Group Ride, Group Blast

Thursday: Group Power EASY (teach)

Friday and Saturday: Palmetto 200 Relay! Just shy of 24 miles total.

Sunday: Publix Georgia Half Marathon!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

A week in workouts 03/09-15/2015

Monday: rest day

Tuesday: Group Power (teach x2!!), 5 miles hilly cycling, 4 mile run

Wednesday: rest day

Thursday: Group Power (teach), 6 mile run with the Rogues! My best run in a long time. Felt awesome!

Friday: 16 mile bike ride in downtown Atlanta with the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition!

Saturday: 8 mile run with the ATC group and the Botanical Boogie 5K (hiking!)

Lexi and I got a medal...gotta love the small town races :) We walked the race in 54:51.

She was very proud of her award.

Sunday: Group Power, Group Centergy (teach)