Monday, February 23, 2015

A week in workouts 02/23-03/01/2014

Monday: Group Ride, 100 Kettlebell swings, 100 sit-ups, 5 mins. additional core work

Tuesday: Group Power (teach), 1 mile warm up run, 4x800 and walk breaks between, 1 mile cooldown run with Women's 5K group

My ridiculous, awesome tights.

Wednesday: REST DAY!

Thursday: Group Power (teach), 3.5 mile Rogue run

Friday: sort of a rest day? I shopped till I dropped.

Saturday: pretty much a rest day, although I did walk in heels and dance a bunch!

Sunday: also a rest day; it's hard to get the workout in when you are writing a legal brief and traveling all weekend! I haven't had this many days off exercise in a long time! Double workouts tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A week in workouts 02/16-22/2015

Monday: Group Ride

Tuesday: 3.1 mile TM run, Group Power

Wednesday: Group Centergy (teach)

Thursday: Group Power (teach)

Friday: Group Power (teach)

Saturday: 10 mile run

Sunday: Group Centergy (teach)

Friday, February 13, 2015

My strength training has moved me to a whole new level.

Before yesterday, I could do 1, maybe 2, tricep push-ups while up on my toes, then had to drop to my knees for the rest.

Tricep push-ups are different than traditional push-ups because your arms stay narrow, elbows go behind you rather than out to the sides, and ALL the work is targeted to the back of the arms.

I taught Group Power twice yesterday (after teaching twice on Tuesday as well...OUCH), but I was able to stay up on my toes for 90% of those narrow push-ups! Triceps are always a hard spot to work, but I am thrilled to see this progress! And it's all from Group Power!

When I used to "do" CrossFit, we rarely worked the arms. Other than shoulder presses and chest presses, we almost never used weights for the upper body. This one time we did bicep curls....

Lots of push-ups, sure, and sit-ups, but never anything to really target all the muscle groups. Balance is key! Doing a bunch of back squats all the time fully ignores the back of/sides of and the lower legs, which contributes to injuries from overcompensation.

If you haven't ever tried Group Power, or it's been a long time, check it out sometime. The program is constantly evolving to give a new, safe challenge that actually gets results!

(Also, the floor is actually clean in my current gym, so it doesn't suck as much to roll around on the floor.)

"Globo gym" = 1, CrossFit = 0.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

A week in workouts 02/09-15/2015

Monday: Group Ride

Tuesday: Group Power x2 (teach AM and teach PM), R30


Yes those are gold pants and yes they are fabulous.

Wednesday: Group Centergy (teaching for Launch Day 2!)

Thursday: Group Power (teach x2 again...OUCH)

Friday: Group Power (teach...that makes 5 this week...I'm dying here!!)

Saturday: Group Ride then volunteered at the Sweetheart Half Marathon!

Sunday: Group Centergy (teach)

***Notice the lack of running this week. Your body is only meant to handle 3 sessions of Group Power per week. At the least, you're supposed to skip a day between. There are five on here for this week, because for our new music week we double up instructors. My legs are trashed. Running re-commences next week!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Building muscle? You sure?

I've been able to maintain a size 2-4, despite putting on some muscle/thickness ever since starting back teaching (primarily weights) at the gym. At first I was scared that I had put on some fat as well, but since all my clothes still fit and I could button my britches, I wasn't worried about it. And I have a butt again! Yay!!! Squats brought back what running all the time destroyed. 

Obviously it's easier, though, when you feel yourself getting "bigger" to tell yourself you're gaining muscle, rather than fat. Visually, your test will be the belly area. If you were trimmer around the midsection before, even if you are lifting heavy, the midsection should not be expanding! Legs, arms, butt, shoulders - those will certainly be bigger with muscle gains. But not your waistline. This is indicative of a food intake issue, not strength gains. We in the training world see this with programs like CrossFit. Working out 15-20 minutes hardcore is cool and all, but there is a gross overestimation of how many calories you burn in that little amount of time, even if you're pushing to the max. Go at that level for an hour with some short breaks thrown in (read: Group Ride) and you'll find it's easier to keep the excess fat off! As much as the commercial side of CrossFit wants you to believe that quality over quantity means you only need to do a 15 minute WOD instead of an hour of steady-state's wrong. And so is the idea that steady-state cardio for 60+ minutes is the way to get those calories off! You actually need quantity AND quality in order to create a calorie deficit for yourself and lose excess fat. Longer-term with interval bursts worked in. Because science.

A week in workouts 02/02-08/2015

It was a good week!

Monday: Group Ride

Tuesday: Group Power (teach), ATC Women's 5k training group - 4x300 and 4x400 speed work with warmup, cool down, and easy between intervals for a total of 3.67 miles

Wednesday: 40 minute run with a sweet idea how far but we caught some major hills!

Thursday: Group Power (teach), 6 miles with the Rogues!

Friday: Group Power (teach)

Saturday: ATC half marathon training group - 8 miles (Publix Marathon course run), disc golf (18 holes of hiking!)

Sunday: Group Centergy (teach), Preview mix class, 2.5 mile run with my dad and Lexi the wonder dog :)

Monday, February 2, 2015

A week in workouts 01/26-02/01/2015

Monday: Group Ride

Tuesday: Group Power (teach) and ATC Women's 5K group

Wednesday: Group Ride

Thursday: Group Power (teach), Hot Flow Yoga

Friday: Group Power (teach), Group Ride, 2 miles with Lexi!

Saturday: Group Power +2 extra songs (filming for new programming DVD)

Sunday: sick day and massive amounts of school work ...we will call this "rest day"